Rights & Responsibilities


We believe healthcare delivery is a partnership between provider and patient. In that spirit of cooperation, we are committed to providing you with information to assist you as we work together to facilitate your care. As a patient of Heritage Family Practice Associates, P.C., you have a right to:

  1. Receive considerate and respectful care at all times.
  2. Expect that your interactions with our office and information related to your care will be handled confidentially.
  3. Obtain complete and accurate information concerning your medical condition, explained to you in terms that can be easily understood.
  4. Participate in decisions regarding your care and treatment.
  5. Receive information about the Practice and your rights and responsibilities as a patient.
  6. Expect reasonable safety in so far as medical services and our environment is concerned.
  7. Bring forward issues surrounding your care or treatment, without fear of retribution or discrimination and expect issues to be fairly investigated, with follow up and resolution in a timely manner.
  8. Receive, with written permission from you or your authorized representative, access to your confidential medical records and any information that pertains to you, except as required or permitted by law.
  9. Refuse treatment, providing you accept the responsibility and consequences of your decision.
  10. Receive an explanation of your bill, regardless of the source of payment.